Back on track

Photo: Minna Mercke Schmidt

One of my new years wishes was to have a happy year – including happy & healthy family. I’ve been on LCHF (low carbohydrate high fat) – diet before and felt so good. Last year I’ve been eating really bad, lots of candy, sugar, white bread and junk. Eating good food is so important – it gives a boost for everything else. So I’m back on track, and trying to serve good food for the family as well (not so easy) – but I’m clever and sneak in lots of good stuff anyhow.

On the picture above you can see the new recipe I tested this morning – bread with no carbs. It was so good and easy to make. Here you’ll find more info about LCHF and lots of recipies. 

Och på Åse’s blogg hittar ni massa inspiration och recept på svenska. 

  1. tusen takk for nyttige linker til lavkarbo – i norge kan du bl a sjekke ut denne butikken her: – ikke bli redd for utseende på nettsiden – den er helt forferdelig. produktene er veldig bra 🙂

  2. Moa skriver:

    Ser ljuvligt gott ut det där brödet, man kan göra mycket gott med bra mat gäller bara att göra det på rätt sätt så att alla i familjen tilltalas.. en utmaning!.. jag vet =). Lycka till med det och tack för en fin blogg som jag besöker när jag vill ha lite inspiration.. MOa

  3. No carbs never looked so good!!! *smiles* I’m glad you’re back on track, we too are attempting to eat healthier this year.Dawn… The Bohemian

  4. I am so with you on this post. I started the raw food diet (no meat, no dairy and all fresh vegetables not cooked and grains)but went off in November. You can think so much clearer when you eat healthy. Plus you have a high energy level. I’m back to trying to eat healthy again. all of the time!Wishing you health and happiness to you and your family.I stop by your blog everyday to see the most wonderful photographs.Candylei

  5. Lycka till, duktiga du! Härligt men nya, fräscha starter!!!

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