Party party

I’m soon of home to the country -and will have a family gathering with my husbands Danish family. Some of them have not met for 25 years. And I definetely have not met them all. Will be so much fun (Danes are quite crazy :))!

I’ll also be toasting for the news that my first book ”Blomstrande idéer” will be given out in Germany. Yey!

In the pic I’m playing the lady in the candy store (godiskiosk). Always popular when having family parties. Kids love to go shopping and pick out their favorite candy. Just hang up some flags and get small bags – and a lots of candy to choose from.

Have a great weekend! And thank you for taking the time to come by and leave comments. You brighten up my everyday life!

Minna 🙂

  1. Det var en fantastiskt fin idé som jag absolut måste köra nästa gång det blir kalas där även barn är bjudna. Och vad sugen jag blir på att lära känna lite danskar efter dina inlägg här ovan.Ha en skön lördag!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful visit with your Danish family. We just arrived back home from Copenhagen and each day the weather was perfect.

  3. Anna skriver:

    Grattis till utgivning i Tyskland!!O party, DET är kul ;o)Go helg, Klem Anna

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